Executive VIP 

This villa is a luxury four-bedroom villa with an area of 425m2. The villa offers all the amenities for a luxurious comfortable life.

The villa is fitted with carpeting for the bedrooms, built in wardrobes and luxurious marble floors. You can enjoy entertaining your guests in the simplify living room and the 12 seated dinning room. Enjoy a ground floor family living room and a first floor living room with a view of the pool, a well-finished kitchen and a breakfast room.

Your enjoyment will be expanded by a private swimming pool accessorized with a kiddie’s pool.  The villa offers a large private backyard and three entrances; a formal entrance, a daily entrance and a side entrance from the kitchen door. 


The villa is also fitted with a laundry room, a room for your house help and dual shaded car parking. This villa is conveniently designed for a family with an intricate need for space and privacy and offers all the amenities of perfect living standards.